Sedna XML:DB API 1.1 released

Sedna XML:DB API for Java, version 1.1

Included in this version is an underlying Database Connection Pooling Manager, it works in a very similar fashion to the way Apache Tomcat deals with JNDI/JDBC datasources. Because of this underlying Database Connection Pool management, Sedna XML:DB 1.1 can withstand great amounts of usage stress and is suitable to be placed in environments where updates, inserts and queries can be very frequent, e.g. a Servlet / JSP. For instance, if a JSP/Servlet is hit 100 times a second and the JSP/Servlet's job is to query, update and insert documents into Sedna. The Sedna XML:DB API 1.1 will process all requests successfully without fail.

Using an API without Database Connection Pool management would result in some requests being successfull, but most unsuccessfull due to Sedna refusing a connection (by default Sedna can cope with a maximum of 50 concurrent connections).

As of writing this post, Sedna XML:DB API 1.1 is the only API for Sedna with a Database Connection Pool manager.

Sedna XML:DB 1.1 is completley compatible with XMLdbGUI - a Java Swing application which allows you to use/control an XML Database which supports an XML:DB API.

Sedna XML:DB 1.1 should also be able to work with the very popular Apache Cocoon.

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