Sedna XQJ API (BETA 1) released


Finally!, it's taken months of shedding blood, sweat and tears conforming to the XQJ Documentation, XQJ Javadocs, the XQJ test compatibility kit provided by Oracle and many W3C specifications.

But it's finally here - an implementation of the XQJ API for the Sedna XML Database!.

Special thanks to Ivan Shcheklein over at Team MODIS for making vital additions and modifications to Sedna's TCP/IP network protocol which made it possible to pass all of the XQJ TCK.

Special thanks to FasterXML, LLC for allowing me to use their Ultra high performance Aalto XML Processor as the onboard StAX implementation.

The Sedna XQJ API will supersede the Sedna XML:DB API, but this is an early BETA version, please report bugs to me where ever possible.