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Saxon Jing released - 26/Aug/2016
Validate XML documents via RelaxNG Schemas (compact syntax) in XSLT or XQuery!
Spoke at XML Prague 2012 - 8/Feb/2012
Charles Foster spoke at the XML Prague 2012 conference.
XQJ Tutorial released - 15/Sep/2009
An online XQJ Tutorial which makes use of the Sedna XML Database and the Sedna XQJ Driver is now available!
Sedna XQJ API (BETA 1) released - 8/Sep/2009
An XQJ Driver for the Sedna XML Database is released for beta testing! It conforms to the XQJ Test Compatibility Kit provided by Oracle and supports binding of XQuery external variables in Java.
Sedna XML:DB API 1.2 released - 15/Feb/2009
The final version of the Sedna XML:DB API has been released, a high performance and rock solid driver for the Sedna XML Database.
Sedna XML:DB API 1.2 RC3 released - 2/Dec/2008
Very minor bug fixes, likely to be the last release candidate before 1.2 final.
Sedna XML:DB API 1.2 RC2 released - 26/Jul/2008
Minor bug fixes aswell as added functionality to perform XQueries against local and in-memory XML documents.
XML Databases - Business Article - 1/Jun/2008
Talks about the current state of Databases and data persistence, how the current Relational Database model is starting to crack at the seams and gives an insight into a strong alternative for today's requirements.
Sedna XML:DB API 1.2 RC1 released - 8/Jan/2008
Four new Services. With support for XQuery Modules and Indexes. User, Roles and Privilege management. Speed and memory usage improvements.
Sedna XML:DB API 1.1.4 released - 14/Dec/2007
Further bug fixes and error messages are no longer hard coded within compiled class files.
Sedna XML:DB API 1.1.2 released - 6/Dec/2007
Simple bug fix with Binary Resource retrieval. revamped - 21/Nov/2007
This site is rebranded and relaunched built on top of XSL Transformations.
Sedna XML:DB API 1.1.1 released - 23/Oct/2007
Features bug fixes and memory usage reduction.
Sedna XML:DB API 1.1 released - 30/Sep/2007
Features many bug fixes, a Database Pooling Mechanism and the ability to add Custom Service plugins.
Sedna XML:DB API 1.0 Released - 22/Jul/2007
Java XML Database Client API based purely on the XML:DB (XAPI standard) for the Sedna XML Database is released.